Elkaïoum M. Moutuou
Mathematics and other stuff ...

Recent and forthcoming invited talks

  • Mar 31, 2015: Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto, Japan. Operator Algebras Seminar. Title: Categorification in functional analysis.
  • Mar 26, 2015: Shinshu University, Matsumoto, Japan. Topology Seminar. Title: C*-algebraic approach to equivariant twisted K-theory.
  • Mar 21, 2014: University of Sheffield; 8th meeting of the LMS-funded "Noncommutative geometry, Analysis and Groups" seminar series. Title: Fell bundles over 2-groupoids.
  • Mar 17, 2014: Southampton University. Lunchtime Seminar. Title: n-Sequential categories an higher Morita theory.
  • Feb 14, 2014: University of Orléans, Orléans, France. Title: La conjecture de Baum-Connes tordue à coefficients généralisés.
  • Jan 28, 2014: University of Münster, Germany. In the Operator Algebras Oberseminar. Title: Twisted topological K-theory.
  • Nov 15, 2013: University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, USA. Title: Higher categories by examples.